What a busy day, covid-19 vaccination. There is a time for me to start the baccarat now. But this is not included in the daily report.

多么忙碌的一天,covid-19 疫苗接种日子。现在才有时间玩百家乐。但这天的不记录在每日报告中。

*Warning, you must be at least 18+ years old.
*警告, 您必须至少年满 18 岁
* Amaran, anda mesti berumur sekurang-kurangnya 18tahun atau keatas

*Gambling is very HIGH RISK its can lose all your money.
* Perjudian adalah sangat RISIKO TINGGI ia boleh menyebabkan kerugian wang semua

实战直播【解说】: 粤语, 客家, 中文.
Streaming【guide】: Chinese, Malay, English


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