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Filmed at Argosy Kansas City and Harrahs Kansas City.

Slot Machines Include: Mighty Cash Big Money, Lightning Link High Stakes, Lock It Link Piggy Bankin’ and Hold Onto Your Hat.

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  1. These places make money off suckers who are hopping to win. Lookup probability before you go to these places. I’ve taken a casino for a couple grand on blackjack, but it takes you sitting there tor 4-6 hours. Use the winnings in one pocket and gambling money in the other. That way you you leave a little bit ahead or break even.

  2. Ok this makes no sense whatsoever to me just because you won a lot of money dosen't mean that is a crime like what the hell you didn't even do anything wrong all you did was winning your money I'm so confused about you getting arrested for that

  3. Next time they tell you to leave after winning…. just simply say, "I do have a $50,000 group pull going on at the moment, but no problem sir, I will take my winnings and head down the street to a casino that welcomes my business and the free publicity to my 100,000 subscribers."

    That should change their mind.

  4. It's amazing the casino can stop you from playing when you win too much, yet when you lose and even try to take them to court you always lose your case. It's even fixed in the legal system.

  5. Heres some advice if your on a slot machine and you hit a huge jackpot dont pull out your phone and record until the slots manager comes over opens the machine and gos and get your money or they will say you were recording and it messed with the slot machine there for your jackpot is coid it happened to a friend of mine casinos hate when you win big another thing i see alot of is a person will be playing a slot machine hit a jackpot and because the person has no id they switch places if you do this they will try and void your jackpot its crazy but when you enter a casino your rights go out of the window!!

  6. Absolutely disgusting..the mouth on all of you loud mouth drunks .embarrassing yourselves . delete happy there are very decent other people doing the same thing whom have a thing called respect . trailer trash at it's finest

  7. NIce wins man ! I was on the yo yo all last week at Foxwoods in Connecticut. Up and down ! Down and up ! They dont build these big palaces by giving it all away ! LoL ! But the fun is in playing too me,, winning 2nd !! WELL ,, MAYBE WINNING 1ST AND FUN IS 2ND !! KEEP WINNING !

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