On this episode of “Hey Bror Fredrik” I answer the question … “Hey Bror Fredrik … Why don’t you use a players card when you play slot machines??”

Come with me for a ride up the Las Vegas strip and I’ll tell you why I never use a players card in Las Vegas slot machine and why you might not want to either!

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Please note the this is my opinion and for entertainment purposes only. Also note that I state things that could be done not that they are done. Do your own research before claiming this info to be false. Don’t be a D.

How Slot Machines Work … https://youtu.be/yzizjbKFyEg

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  1. I could have told you that, random number generator my ass, sure it does but remember your bet level goes down the higher the wager. How many people bet at that level and they can change odds at the flip of a switch. When it finally comes out that its being done the state will say so what. There pockets were being lined all the time in some form or another. When our casinos opened I could actually count the odds on some machines as you were playing. I'm no math wizard, that's the reason for all the bells and whistles.

  2. Use my players card always….I enjoy the FREE comps n preference of not standing in line for check in and buffet lines…free parking …..but I do understand your advice n I will certainly try playing without the card next time i'm there

  3. While I agree with most of what you said. But I do believe you are a little bit overboard on thinking or infering that casions change in any way the payouts in conjuction with player profiles. They have way too much to loose if they were cought by the gaming commision. But Then maybe I am just a bit naive.

  4. If this was true, eventually a disgruntled employee would spill the beans on the casinos that did this and there would be fines, lost gaming licenses and/or public avoidance of those casinos. They do change payouts from time to time, but not based on the player using the machine. They can't change the payouts while there are credits in the machine and only after the machine has been idle for a period of time and then the machine must be offline for a period of time (supposedly). This may not be the case for some Native American casinos. Whether a pull of a slot lever or push of a button results in a win for the player is only dependent on the random number generator. There is no way to feed certain players early wins to get them to move up in stakes. So don't worry about being targeted by some algorithm that will cause you to lose more. Any such algorithm was already used against you to get you into the casino to play (with room offers, free plays, etc.), not during your play. And if you are really concerned about it, then I recommend you don't play slots. How are you going to enjoy the game if you're suspicious it's rigged? But if you don't use your players card, you don't have to worry about getting targeted by the algorithm that will offer the cheaper rooms or free plays. You won't get much. And if you play a lot, you won't move up in the player levels and get the better comps like free or cheaper buffets, free rooms, etc. But the choice is yours.

  5. Cards have NO bearing on what a slot machine pays or does not pay. The card not only gets you comps, free play or giveaways, its main purpose is so you can get a win/loss statement at the end of the year so that you don't get pounded with paying taxes for money you win.
    As for benefits you receive as a local, you do still get benefits like food, free play and comped rooms.
    What he is telling you is not the truth.

  6. Nothing is free. Using a card to accumulate points for play or towards other stuff…just think of how much you have to gamble to get those perks. I received a tshirt from the Flamimgo years ago for gambling…..its the most expensive tshirt I own!!

  7. I've always thought that when use you card it's a way for them to control how much and when you win and when I first got my players card I won then after that first time all losses it felt like they baited me in by letting me win one time to come back and loose my money so I ditched the card and the last ten times I went back I won 8 times and lost 2

  8. You’re right and it’s amazing…I use my players cards. Win, nothing. As soon as I pull that card out of the machine, within the next couple of spins, I’ll hit something major. If my card goes back in, I’m assured they’ll take it all back. Ugh!
    Thx for your great reporting!


  10. Allow me to explain why one should use your card !
    I lost a ticket in the amount of 1,766$ ! I panicked, ran to the nearest security !!!!
    To make this short BECAUSE I was using my PLAYERS CARD I got all my money back! I was able to take security to the last machine I had the ticket abd BAMM !!! All my money was paid to me !
    Now !! BECAUSE I WAS PLAYING WITH MY CARD ,EASY ENOUGH, had I NOT been playing with my CARD 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
    Now y’all listen to ppl like this guy snd others ! Oh well C’est la vie!!!

  11. That’s a long stop sign. I’m taking your advice I believe everything you say thank you for the info.👍😂 I always receive free room believe me I’m not lying I never take it up my friends tell me why don’t you stay you you’re not paying for the room and I tell them you’re paying for the room double never ever took a free room. It’s called controlling yourself when you’re gambling and believe me I like to gamble but I know when to stop.

  12. You are so right what you’re saying but when I get the big first Jackpot I play a little bit I’m out of there I go to another machine and I hit another jackpot I’m lucky at that but I am a gambler that gambles three times a year February June October for eight hours that’s it that’s why I bring my money home. That’s my way. I do the same thing you do cash out and go another machine, because they always take them back. One time I won $5000 within three hours when I got there do you know what I did I got in my car and went back home it’s hard for some people but it’s easy for me. 👍😂

  13. Bror, you forgot about the wildcard…Nevada Gaming Commission. Besides, if word got out about casinos using their software to adjust slot machine payouts on the fly it would be devastating to the casino or casinos involved.

    Why would I even play, if it was “predetermined” that I was going to lose?

  14. If you lose money gambling often and dont use a players card you need your head examined. You can write off 30% of your gambling losses year over year on your taxes. You will get 30% of your losses back on your tax return. The only way to keep track of it and prove it is through the card and the year over year statements casinos keep track of. Most of you dont win and you dont use the card…double stupid. Your flushing your money twice. Go ask your accountant if you don't believe me. This man is pushing bad advice here. There are other reasons I dont agree with him but the tax thing is #1.

  15. I use card all the time , and still dont get quality comps, never get free rooms on Fridays or Saturdays, i work during week so sunday thru thursday does not work for me or my wife.
    Ill stop useing my card and see if things change , or just switch casinos and go else where.

  16. I won the jackpot when I used my players card, I put in 20 dollars and hit for 500 then another 5000. I play with the Free money and at least get 200 off of it but I don’t really gamble on the strip so that might make a difference.

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