How to win 15 gems in the Casino in Cooking Fever..

1. Click the Casino to open it.
2. Click the 500 bet button.
3. close the Casino by pressing the ‘x’ button BEFORE the wheels stop turning.
4. Open the Casino and repeat steps 2 and 3 until you win the gems..


On average I spend about 10,000-15,000ish coins to win my gems.. it did take me longer in this video. sometimes I can get the gems in just 5 or 6 tries..

You can only win gems in the Casino ONCE per day so don’t waste your coins trying to get them more often..

IMPORTANT: I fogot to mention it in the video but if you have done the ‘time travel’ cheat (changing the time and date on your device to get the welcome back gems) then this won’t work..

You can’t get casino gems if you have messed with the time and date of your tablet/phone..

Lastly I play on Android so I haven’t tried this on an ipad/iphone.



  1. This works on an iPad and I did it and won first time round! I didn't read the description when it said you could only do it once a day 😂

    However, I time travelled to the next day (on iPad) and I won it again within the 5-6th spin.

    I keep trying repeat the process but it isn't working anymore; rip :((

  2. I think that's not a trick, but it saves you time watching the slot machine spins. I reckon the algorithm is, it only grants you 15 gems EVERY 24HRS when you pull with 500 coins each stake . I also gathered that if there's any promo going on for coin or gem purchase you will not get or it will be difficult for you to get the 15 gems. My advice is, count the coins you spend – once you have spent 25k worth of coins and you still don't get the gems, quit and try again in the next 24 hours.

  3. This still works in 2019! I just got 15 gems I followed the video and did it the exact same way. I got 15 gems in under 1 minute. Follow the video exactly.

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