Played Baccarat at the El Cortez in Las Vegas! Enjoy!!!


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  1. Many Koreans and chineses need the marked board for baccarat. Doing without it is same as travelling without (google) map. Which do you depend on to put chips on Banker or Player?

  2. well…. I have often seen this game and wondered about it . I can see clearly now …… I will NEVER play this. Absolutely no player skill required at all . Pure luck of the cards. Thanks for the video Slotlady . Keep them coming !!!!

  3. what is the point of the dragon bonus. waiting for 9 -0 to happen is kinda pointless. just bet all the money on either banker or dealer, i think. atleast if you win you get all.. and not win on the hand and then lose on the bonus.

  4. Hi slotlady, i have a question: Do you know if the side bets both hits perfect pairs… Do you get paid for each bets 200x or it's an other way. It seems like nobody knows even the croupier… I saw it two times online, but no one bets it. Ty. take care!

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