For this Baccarat Premiere I’m also trying my luck on the new Dragon Bonus Side bet! Enjoy!!!


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  1. I feel like you should have the camera more straightened with your height not taller then you and the camera looking down on you in the beginning. Looks a little pornhubby I sorry. It does…:( Just a little advise. You're videos are great btw.

  2. Just FYI . If you would have martingale the chop and just flat bet the streaks. A $10 min bet would have made $490. A $100 min bet would have made $4900 from the cards in your video. And would have had to go to your 6 martingale bet 3x during this video. Hope that helps, keep the videos coming, great job

  3. I love baccarat, and this stream was a gem. I learned from this stream that I just have to pick a side & stay with that side for multiple hands. Then on occasions I’ll play the other side. I usually play the player side. I play the dragon bonus every other hand. I’ll play the tie bet every 4 hands. You had some tough beats, but overall you played ok. I can’t wait for tonight’s stream. Good luck

  4. Can you show the score chart on the table screen. For example during the middle and almost the end of the shoe? Good research on a live shoe. You will also get more viewer and we can develop our skills.

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