Hey y’all! I tried playing Baccarat again! I hope y’all enjoy! 🙂

with love and gratitude,
zaida lee

Disclaimer: Please remember that my videos are meant for entertainment purposes ONLY. Always gamble responsibly, and never play more than you can afford to lose. If you live in the United States and believe you or someone you know may have a gambling addiction, please call or text the National Council on Problem Gambling’s confidential national hotline at 1-800-522-4700. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additional resources can be found on ncpgambling.org. If you are outside the United States and believe you or someone you know may have a gambling addiction, please contact your local problem gambling center.

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  1. Nice catch on him not paying you for the $200 bonus. Another thing. When he said 3 card 7 was a push? Been playing baccarat a LONG time, never anywhere in the world have I ever hear someone say it was a push. No matter whether you won the side bet or not. I'd check that with the pit boss. And if it's true, it has to say it ON THE TABLE. Great video and very happy to see you're catching it when dealers don't pay your bonus wins.

  2. Next time you play baccarat, you should study what the big road and derived roads are which are giving you the pictures what to bet next( pattern). Save your money, my friend ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Derived road(big eye road,small road,cockroach road) give you most accurate prediction on next bet. Don’t guess on bet without knowing the pattern, you will lose money.

  4. Thank you for explaining the game and telling the cards numbers🔢. I slowly understand it more now 🥂. Winning or losing, you did great 💯. Lots of love and luck from Europe (the Nederlands) 🙏❤️🇳🇱

  5. Hey zaida , i watched your videos love the btw , i just wanna say you probably avoid these types baccarat @slotlady tried these too and she didn't even win on her video and in the second to last hand the dealer made a mistake and also it has to many sidebets so avoid these games in the future

  6. anyone bored wanna do the second half…. u can do your own notation….

    bW 1.4 = b 3

    bL 4.0 7.0 p 7 x6

    bW 2.1 1.2 b 1 #1

    bL 0.0 5.0 p 5 x2

    bL 0.1 5.0 p 5 x2

    pW 7.0 = p 7 x4 4:20 6h

    pL 7.9 p N x1 x50 #2

    bW 6.0 6.7 b 1 x40

    bL 7.4 7.2 p 5 x2

    pW 4.1 4.3 p 1

    pL 4.0 1.2 b 1 #3

    pL 4.2 2.7 b 5 x2 x40 9:00

    bL 6.3 = p 3

    pW 5.5 6.5 p 1

    pW 9.7 p N x1 x50 #4

    pW 8.1 p N x1

    pL 1.9 b N x1

    bW 1.9 b N x1

    bL 2.1 7.6 p 1 #5

    bW 4.9 b N x1 20h 13:00

    10 W 10 L 2 9.7 x50 2 jin x40

    if 5 on 9.7, 5 for 20 hands, 2 are winner… gamble 100 win 500, 400 net plus
    if 10 on 9.7, 10 for 20 hands, 2 are winner, gamble 200 win 1000, 800 net plus

  7. A suggestion that might make the playing more interesting. Talk out why you are betting on banker or player. I know when I play there are many reasons whether it is you see a long streak, choppy 2 or max streak of 3. Another words talk about the pattern you are seeing and if you feel strongly on particular pattern bet an extra unit.

  8. You should come up with more of a plan strategy though because it’s actually not just a flip of a coin… It’s “like” flip a coin… There’s natural nine’s there’s rules on third card there’s a bonus if you get a three carts seven… So there’s much more to the game the Then just flip a coin c

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