Please do not gamble.

This video was live stream in my other channels. I edited to full image video version here for viewers’ choice. I have provided the live stream video link below for those preferring live stream version.

The Baccarat games were played for fun and uploaded strictly for entertaining purposes only. This is all so very new to me, I’ve spent a lot of my spare time to learn, research, editing, and especially learning how to play baccarat strategy, baccarat system, flat bets, martingale, double up and many other baccarat tips. Mostly, I google and research in web, you tube search to obtain the most of information online. Large amount of time, I also practicing playing baccarat online, testing different apps to do video editing, and on learning how to upload the video, using spotify for music, Reddit, video editing, music, thumbnails – are all so new to me. While it took me a lot of time, nevertheless its a brand new fun challenge for me. I hope able to continue and to provide more videos along the way. If there’s any areas, I could improve, or you just want to connect, do not hesitate to contact me. I am still learning. Enjoy and many thanks for watching.

Live stream video link below.
Live stream channel : baccaratato



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