Welcome to You Tube Baccaratato. Please do not gamble! This video took 24 minutes continuous play online baccarat and to live stream. The baccarat bet systems were research in web, google search, you tube videos, practices, and from other platforms. Flat betting, Martingales, Oscar grinds, Stearns were used. The systems, strategies, money management, applied here, merged from results of long hours practicing, analyzing, tests , research during my free spare times. I hope able to continue producing more baccarat videos and streaming live online for you, all for the love of baccarat fun. This video is non profit, strictly for my own entertaining, review, study, research and mostly just for fun. Enjoy this video. If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up, say something nice in the comments, and if you’re new here, hit that red Subscribe button and turn on notifications. We appreciate all the support! Thank you for watching 24 minutes online LIVE STREAM Baccarat. 😎Baccaratato😎 Do not miss any new live videos uploads, subscribe here – http://bit.ly/Baccaratato



  1. im a skilled baccarat player. Very good strategy. You are observing the charts and adjusting accordingly. When the shoe is indecisive, you are playing chops and last 3 underdogs and when its streaking u adjust to streaks. This is a great method and i found myself mirroring your bets before u placed them. The bet amount i didnt agree with but overall u played chess with the shoe and not checkers 💯

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