$250/SPINS! 4 HANDPAY JACKPOTS & The Most Legendary Casino Session Ever!

Of course we are in the high roller room aka high limit room at the Tampa Hard Rock Casino playing Dragon Link aka Dragon Cash.

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  1. Hello Lady luck, that was truly AMAZING, AMAZING AMAZING!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS. Thanks for the video and have a wonderful safe day. Good luck on your next session. ☘☘☘☘🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. You people are pathetic. Absolutely sick. Give your money to charity or people in need. Blowing $250 on a slot machine, smh. You’re the problem with this country

  3. The only I love about their video is when the husband come up with some calculations raising the amount up and give the limit to cash out . Good and nice couple ever . Love you guys

  4. Wow that was a amazing bonus on $50 Francine but that $250 is a dud.
    I really wanted to see a awesome orb feature but obviously the balls are spaced out more the higher you bet..Very good effort though

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