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  1. Talk about bonuses not lining up to the bet amount. Crazy high wager amounts with insanely low bonuses. Even with all the 21's coming your way! Better luck next time. Thanks for sharing 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Great Video my Dear Friend 🙋‍♀️👍❤️. Great Profit off Free Play 🍀❤️😍. Always Great to win off Free Play!! Have a Great Week and Good Luck 🍀👍 and Stay Safe 😷😷!!

  3. I see or rather we all see that Hollywood is treating you better than Tampa!
    In my experience it has been great, but I suspect they're treating ya/comping ya better than Tampa.?!
    I gotta say $250 a pull vs what you play in cards cheaper lol, I wonder what max bet was @ $25 denom?

    Awesome content! Thanks for sharing! Yall stay safe, the covid numbers are going back up.

  4. Seems like I have been getting the same horrible bonuses on max bet. The fix is in, they need to recoup the rona tax on us all lol… good luck in the future guys.

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