A walkthrough tour inside Resorts World, the newest resort and casino opened on Las Vegas Strip. The Asian-themed resort was opened on June 24, 2021 and it’s located at the former site of Stardust resort and casino.

🎧 This video contains Binaural Audio. Please wear headphones for best immersive experience.
*Some parts of the audio have been edited due to music copyright claims.*

📅 Recording Date: July 2021

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  1. You rreeaallyy must be completely insane if can enjoy in a place like this….what a wasted money. Better to build apartments for homeless' then spent millions for NOTHING!

  2. Really enjoyed this. We usually visit Vegas every year but missed last year and this year will be out too (I'm in Australia), so I appreciate being able to see this resort. It looks incredible. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. This hotel complex seems to be one big disappointment. Appears cold, baron, and boring with nothing there. I give it a year. Not to mention the area that it is located.

  4. This is what the casinos are doing now. I Won $180.81 at the Buffalo machine at the Mirage. Cashed out and put my ticket in Redemption machine. Got $180 cash. And 81 cents was given to me in another ticket. I ran it back through and got another ticket for 81 cents. Then I looked at the top of the Redemption machine is all kinds of tickets for small amounts. So another words now what they're doing is keeping your change. I thought maybe that was just the mirage. As it turns out the same thing happened at  Caesars. This is going to add up to Millions for the casinos. They must have all got together to think of this plan. Oh sure you can cash it in at cashier's cage. But who's going to bother for a few cents. I thought everyone would want to know.

  5. Looks like a large shopping mall/centre! And not a very good one at that, with acres of empty spaces! A desperate attempt to fill the gaps with a large row of multi colour Roller's ain't going to crack it for me I'm afraid! Thanks for the good 4K filming anyways.

  6. I believe the music copyright applies to you placing music on the video from your private source. Not from a public source you just happen to be videoing. You didn’t need the patrons to sign a waiver.

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