Some people always want to win money by luck. They bet a big bet and just want to win. This may happen, but luck will run out sooner or later. Luck is the least reliable thing in baccarat. Finally, I will share with you five common illusions of players. First, the shot will win. Everyone knows that this is impossible. Second, if you lose, it will be useful to stop. In fact, this is of no avail. Otherwise, how did the 30 consecutive losses come about? Third, think that the historical record is like this. In fact, the historical record is 50-50. It’s just that you are deceiving yourself. Fourth, if you are lucky, you will win money. Of course, anyone can win if you are lucky. What should you do if you run out of luck? This is not a long-term development route. Fifth, the high winning rate is because of your good skills. If your skills are good, why would you lose money? Okay, here are the 5 common illusions that I want to share.


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  1. You are completely right! Natural law and order can not be manipulated or altered just accepted and apply a different kind of logic most people can never do. Why is that? It is because people always looking to circumstances so losing becomes team membership! It is the same thing why slot players lose all their money! they know it is stupid but in a way being stupid is so accepted in life. The road to heaven is also very thin! I love truth! You speak it therefore you have my full membership and support!

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