Fun live baccarat session from Green Valley Ranch Casino just outside of Las Vegas, NV

$1000 buy in.

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  2. This game is so stressful sometimes it hard to win all 100 luck no skill I don’t hate the game or anything if choose one enither baccarat or blackjack I probably choose blackjack

  3. Its hard understand betting on player or banker for $25.00 then $10.00 on a side bet (tie). Your net profit is $15.00. Unless you hit the tie it is very little profit thats if you win the hand.

  4. You missed two pandas back to back and a dragon?… I suggest you always put some thing on panda or Dragon because they come out a lot they could really jump up your Winnings

  5. Another thing the whole reason why you play that particular type of baccarat is for the side bets start betting on dragon and panda at least you’re up 350 after all that you should’ve been up like several thousand by now

  6. Side bets: How long would you want to play a game where you hand the casino $1 and they hand you back 85 cents? That is what is happening every time someone places these side bets.

  7. It’s so hard to find good baccarat vids . I never ever do side bets !! House edge is too big . I also don’t change if I won’t a few hands . Good to watch you please more baccarat vids

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