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On the shores of the struggling Atlantic City sits a shinning, modern glass resort seemingly different to all the other old, tired looking casinos on the iconic boardwalk. Revel was the new development poised to reshape the gambling town and breath life back into the community. However things didn’t go as planned. So today I’m looking a bit deeper into how a brand new, billion dollar resort failed so spectacularly and eventually sat abandoned for several years.

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  1. Kinda strange how Atlantic City looks like something out of a 1990's comedy film with all the old dated cowboy-style casinos dotting the skyline, and the Ocean Casino Resort being a relatively modern feat of engineering that had a history of economic turbulence and financial drama.

  2. I never noticed the building was THAT big
    I never been that far down on the boardwalk but jeeeeez
    But then again , AC isn’t how it use to be

  3. Good gosh.I've been binge watching for 2 days and am a Sub now too.I just realized I've gone back in time.Thanks for all these interesting videos.I'm hoping to hit 2018,and forget 2020 altogether.

  4. Gross. Can Americans PLEASE stop building this useless garbage in their cities? This is not what we need people. Let’s just build attractive cities with the nice amenities that people want and need: parks, civic buildings, shops with goods that we need, movie theaters, public squares, etc.

  5. Contrast USA general hospital bed capacity decline by 50per cent from 1980 of 2.2 million hospital beds in USA with 230millions,here it appears an overbuild of USA large casinos with 330milliin in 2020..maybe it should be converted to a general hospital

  6. "Detrimental" doesn't mean what you think it means. Every recession is detrimental. Maybe you wanted to say "disasterous" or "cataclysmic."

    I'm noticing a pattern here. When you use cool words you're not that familiar with, you should look the up first and see some examples of their usage.

  7. Chris Christie, the same governor who did not invested state funds in a new tunnel across the Hudson during the Obama administration because the state of NJ couldn’t afford it, but gave away $200 M to a failed casino venture.

  8. They way you said something was off and werid about the building gave me the straight creeps at first I was like "well he went so maybe it's not too bad" then you said that and I said "Nahhh" the collaspe part scare the hell outta me lol

  9. Not sure if this has ever come up, but I would love to see you do a video on the Orlando I-4 eye-soar!!! The giant skyscraper has taken 10 years to finish. But had somehow kept moving slowly but surely.

  10. Back in the early 90s, I used to work at "Bally's Grand", and I lost my desire to throw my hard earned money away in a casino. I watched the casino industry in that town go down the tubes through the years, and was very sceptical about these new mega-casinos. My Sister in-law manages a high end store at the Ocean Casino. I also went to a show there with my Father in-law.

  11. Great video. I've always wanted to see the inside. I watched the first tower being erected from the 23rd floor of the Flagship and had an eerie, unsettling feeling just watching it go up.

  12. Tried to persuade my fiancée to go to Revel with me. The last email I received from them in 2012 included a big incentive of free slot machine play and a complimentary room with food and beverage credit. Two of my relatives and several friends reported 'new casino' luck during Revel's early months of operation. By the time my sweetheart and I made up our minds the opportunity had passed.

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