Hey guys, here are a few affordable options in my collection that are close to Baccarat Rouge 540. IMO they’re in the same family and are invited to the same parties 😂

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Thank you 💕

P.s – Ignore my wardrobe malfunction 🙄



  1. Amber Oud Rouge is extremely close to the BR540 extrait. I finally tried the extrait last week. So no wonder Amber Oud Rouge was denser and projection was more than the original BR540 edp

  2. Listen! I’m here for all Ms Baccarat’s siblings. Ms B is too damn expensive. Especially the extrait. My favourite is Burberry Her and Black by Perfume.Sucks(a Swiss brand). Black is more peppery in the opening which makes it a bit masculine, but the dry down slaps. Only £65 as well.

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