In this video I give a full review of Interplay Extrait from Alexandria Fragrances and compare it to Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540.

Here’s the Baccarat Rouge 540 clones video I did with Fragdicted:

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  1. Great review Steve BR540 was the first clone I bought from Copycat I loved it the first time I wore it but after that I’m not to keen because of a rubber smell in the dry down maybe too much bitter almond 👍🏻

  2. baccarat rouge… not my cup of tea (to me it somehow (in some weird way) smells like a visit at the dentist😶😅) but a great video als always 👍

  3. A good video was interesting to hear about this one mate. My little order came, one I haven't smelt yet cos my nose has given up on me 😜 but the Wasted Moment one I had a little spray of is gorgeous stuff. So it's definitely a house ill defo be back too 😁 and look after urself and fam mate. And on your affiliate 🙄 always happy to support you for the many hours of "entertainment" haha

  4. Nice comparison. Have u tried the OG EDP and the Alexandria EDP? Idk about the Alexandria but the OG doesnt have the almond. A lot of people say they get great longevity from the OG just sometimes u cant pick it up then u can its def a strange beautiful creation lol. Appreciate u and hope u and ur fam r safe and well. Thanks.
    – Colin

  5. Sprayed Interplay Extrait just now. I didn't notice it being masculine until you just mentioned it. 🤔 Also strong metallic smell on me… I wish I knew what that is?!

  6. I have both Baccarat Rouge 540 edp AND extrait. And i love the beauty and complexity of them. I have tried a few dupes that were nice, some very nice, but after the first hour they just died, disappeared, became less than a skin scent. Then I discovered Alexandria and tried their Interplay Extrait and I must admit I wanted to hate it and was all ready to bash it BUT instead I was blown away by how incredibly close it is to BKR 540 extrait. I mean 99% close and it lasts and lasts. It’s incredible what Alexandria did with this one. I admit I am a huge snob and will not ever stop buying my originals, but with this Interplay Extrait, I confess I will never buy another BKR 540 extrait again. I will not be wasting $450 on a perfume that i can buy for $65. It is THAT amazing. Don’t believe me, go try it for yourself. And if u don’t like it, trust me when i tell u, go sell it on eBay. It will be snatched up in 5 mins. Probably by me….lol
    I only wish I could find a dupe for my Nishane Ani. This one seems to be badly duped. I don’t get it, they can successfully dupe Oud Satin Mood extrait, which is a very hard one to dupe,, but they can’t dupe Ani? Although the dupe for Oud Satin Mood has been sold out for months and when it does come back, it sells out in a few hours. I managed to get a bottle and I wanna kick myself for not buying 6. I could have made a killing on eBay. Another one that for some reason they just can’t dupe, not even close, is Chanel Coromandel. Another powerhouse of a beauty. I love both Dua and Alexandria, they both have their best and their worst. Dua’s Baccarat Rouge 540 edp or extrait are nice, on their own, but not nearly as great and as close of a dupe as Alexandria’s Interplay is. But Dua makes other dupes better than Alexandria. So really u can’t choose one over the other. One thing to remember, don’t believe either house that any of their perfumes are “extrait”. They are most certainly not. I’d say Dua is barely a edp while Alexandria is between an edp and an extrait. But not all their frags. At least Alexandria’s fragrances are consistent and last as long as an edp. Dua has nice and unique fragrances but they’re weak. More like edt quality. AND they force u to buy your perfume in only one size. While Alexandria sells two sizes and 5-10 mil decants of each and every one of their perfumes. And THAT is a quality perfume house . They also give u samples while Dua NEVER give samples. Many many ppl are stuck with bottles of Dua they blind bought because of the many fake positive reviews and find out they just don’t like the perfume and are now on eBay selling decants and bottles. And that is why Alexandria is the better house. Still, I can’t stop myself from buying a few bottles a month from DUA. I’m just a lot more careful now. If i end up with a frag I am not crazy about. I’ll gift it or use it as a room spray. Or to wear to bed, or to layer. Today I’m really enjoying wearing my Interplay Extrait on my left hand and BKR 540 extrait on my right arm and I tell u that BOTH are still going strong. Interplay is not wussing down. And we all know what a beast BKR 540 extrait is. The 540 edp is a lot weaker and more of a skin scent, imho. Both are just amazing and i can’t stop sniffing myself…lol
    Luckily I work from home so nobody can tell me shit as I will wear whatever and how ever much I want .Well, maybe my cat will keep away and run off to get away from me…lol

  7. I just purchased a bottle of this and I can hardly smell it. This is like an instant skin scent.The only thing I can assume is that maybe it’s a bad batch, otherwise everyone is just lying about this being a beast fragrance.

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