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  1. Awesome win!! Easy guessing game! Your channel should be called, Lady 4 the wins! Your audience loses tons on slot play. Why they call it cash cows for the casinos.

  2. At my local casino, there is no commission, Banker pays half of the total bet if it wins with a 6. The other casinos charges a 5% commission on every Banker win

  3. '4' pronounce mean dead in mandarin and Cantonese, it is unlucky, just like 13 and 666 in the western

    Furthermore, '8' pronounce like getting rich

    And some casino have no commission barcarrat, but you will only be paid for 50% when you won by 6 at banker , not really like the one that 5% commission is charged in every banker win (no matter the point you won)

  4. Sarah, most 1 and 2 deck blackjack is dealt face down. Does El Cortez deal it face up for your camera, because of COVID, or is that how they always do it?

  5. When on a run it is good to stack the best. When it gets to a certain amount the betting stack should be removed and start again. This avoids loss of large amounts of money when run comes to an end as it will.

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