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In this video I’m doing a first impression/review of Banana Republic Dark Cherry & Amber. After wearing this for a few hours, I think longevity is OK. Not the longest lasting fragrance but not bad either. I stand by what I said in the video that it is a very woody, amber, sweet scent and the cherry disappears after the initial spray, you can still find it if you really sniff it lol but its masked under the woody and amber notes. Nonetheless I do think it is a very sexy sensual scent that I can see being a huge compliment magnet! Let me know if you guys own this and what you think of it!!! Thanks for watching! Please Like and Subscribe!! xoxo

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~Banana Republic Dark Cherry & Amber

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  1. My fiance raaarely compliments perfumes (and I make him smell them all lol) but he said he likes 540 without me asking, so I agree even tho it’s so overdone at this point, it’s an amazing perfume. Maybe get a sample of it to try out and compare with all the dupes you have (or maybe even all MKJ samples)? I also got a sample, Im not paying 300£ for a perfume rn 😄

  2. Omg I always see this at burlington coat factory. I'll try this next time I see it! I would mix this with cherry delight from be layered and see if the cherry lasts.

  3. Baccarat rouge is absolutely horrible and overrated.Smells like a pharmacy store,i can't believe this pricey trash is so hyped.I throw my bottle to the trash,my boyfriend said it smell bad also my friends and my clients at work said why i smell like that
    Puke mistake this perfume both versions

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