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🐕 Episode Guide:
0:00 – Intro – Check Links in the Description
0:46 – Epiphone USA Made
1:21 – Unboxing / Info
6:20 – More Casino Info
7:27 – Epiphone History
8:30 – Inside Look / Specs
17:38 – Tone Demo
23:59 – Final Thoughts

📚 Description: Today we review the new USA Epiphone Casino – the ones that Gibson are now making in Nashville.

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  1. What Gibson is doing with Epiphone at the moment is excellent. Reintroducing US made higher end models, re-introducing the old style Kalamazoo headstock, which looks much better IMHO and at the same time upping the quality of the Epiphone import models through the Inspired by Gibson Line and Masterbilt reissues. Whoever in Gibson is responsible for this strategy, of attempting to raise Epiphone back to the prestige level it use to occupy (up to 1970) needs to be given a medal!

  2. $2700 for a $500 guitar plus a Chinese case. With a messed up finish on the neck. I'll never understand how Gibson can have such quality control problems with products they've been making the same since the mid 1950s. What a joke.

  3. Beautiful guitars. Don't mind the headstocks at all, since these aren't Epiphones masquerading as Gibsons. They are actual Epiphones. But to me, the white pickguard has always been a complete eye sore. Cream would at least match the binding. And black would be less jarring. But the white just looks cheap.

  4. I find this fascinating…. not period correct as it has the new headstock so not a replica… So the main difference between this and a far eastern one is nitro and pickups? Without wishing to upset my American friends made in America is hardly a stamp.of quality so that doesnt warrant the price…( I have a POS Rickenbacker bass so I am in no doubt where US quality lies ).so 2k dearer than the cheaper far eastern line …That buys a lot of lollar pickups to make a Chinese one sound better than the US one.. I'm prepared to bet the QC is better as well. I would love to know who these are aimed at….

  5. That actually sounded pretty damn controlled and clear on the higher gain. I’m sure under the right gain settings a metal player such as myself would not complain at all with that sound.

  6. I don't think I would spend this amount of money on a casino. But I sure as hell want to buy an epi, throw in some good electronics and a good setup in there and have an affordable casino, Iconic guitar, lots of good sounds but I don't want to spend, let's say the "full price"

  7. Ooooo fancy!! 2 things- I wonder if that buzz is the pickguard where it sits on the dogears? And did you try the other one plugged in? I'm really curious if the metal cover changes the sounnd much. In theory it should, like putting a metal cover on a humbucker.

  8. for great distorted tones of this guitar – google And You Bird Can Sing and listen to that duo guitar part. Or McCartney's solo on Taxman. Or Revolution fast version and Cold Turkey for even grittier tones turned up to 11.

  9. I love that they're bringing the Epiphone name back into a respectable position. I started to say that if they keep this model I might have to buy one, but then I watched the rest of the video. Looks like Gibson STILL can't manage to do anything right. All those little quality control measures are insane. The fingerboard chipping, and the fact that there's a mysterious buzz are both a no go for me. I get they feel the need to sell a LOT of guitars for the modern day, but if they can't meet their level of demand at a level of quality their history deserves…they haven't learned ANYTHING with this new hip CEO. A company like that doesn't deserve to be in business.

  10. In 1975 I traded for a 1967 Epiphone ES230TD Casino in Pelham Blue.
    I played that guitar unti1999 when it was stolen. It had the notorious mystery buzz as well. It turned out to be the internal wiring vibrating against the top. Being completely hollow, the top on the 230/330 guitars vibrate more than the centerblock 3*5 series.
    The stairstep tailpiece you mentioned was actually called the "Frequensator" tailpiece and was standard in the Epiphone Riviera. My 230 actually had a Riviera headstock, complete with inlay.

  11. Cool video! I have an Epiphone Granada circa 1967, made in Kalamazoo – I removed the hideous pickguard and had a luthier cut a second f-hole and make a pickup mount out of rosewood – sweet guitar.

  12. Too much money for a guitar full of flaws. It seems that Chinese guitars, although the materials are of lower quality, are better finished. I find it a bit embarrassing for a guitar made in the USA with a price of more than 2K.. you can clearly hear the buzz of the first string through the amp ..

  13. Wow! Great video!! Very detailed and you captured the tone that I have been seeking for so long. I tried the chinese Casinos and the Gary Clark Jr. Blak and Blue but they didn’t sound like yours. Please, I couldn’t find any info about the amp you recorded with. Or is it a something like a Kemper? Cheers, Rob

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