1. Hay guys , for those of you who may not be sure that how legitimate this system is , I should say
    That i'm a professional poker player who just became familiar with Jay Silva and his systems recently .
    after i tried all the systems and strategies in the market witch were mostly unreal , this system is The Only way that i found with the best result . well of course its not that easy but once you learn it , it becomes a key in your hand to the treasury .
    as an individual casino player I know a lot of you may have some doubts but ,
    this is definitely my suggestion to those of you who wants to learn the baccarat fundamentally and wants to do it professionally.
    All the best and luck to all of you and your games .

  2. Still Zugzuwang in my place here… Getting into transition for playing live casino . Not in a computer on line… No computer or laptop as off now. LOL Hello to all student of Jay. One disliker still present …

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