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What are your thoughts on these two perfumes?

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  1. They are so similar imho…the dry down is absolutely the same. The cloud(AG) is also not bad as longevity…I remember lasting on my skin for hours and I was thinking…this is Baccarat Rouge 540 in a different bottle! I love Maison Francis Kurkdjian but not Baccarat Rouge 540…there is a medicinal note that is so present that I cannot take it…the same with Ariana Grande's cloud.Oud Satin Mood is very sweet and popular, however, my favourites are Oud Silk Mood and Aqua Vitae Forte.

  2. I must be missing something, because MFK Bac rouge gets SUCH massive love from everyone! I only had a sample purchased from Luckyscent, but I did not get anything sweet from it? Just a woodsy scent …nothing to warrant all the high praise it gets 🀨

  3. I have the cloud and personally love it and never tried the 540 so now I wanna try it but found it for 240$?? Wow too much for me hehe ps I heard Demi rawling describe the 540 as a spun sugar and so sweet, do you agree with the sugar scent?

  4. Tip: Find the authentic sample of Baccarat Rouge 540. Wear it for a week. It does not have lasting power unless you are lucky. Get the travel size of Cloud and wear it for a day or two. You will notice it dries down the same and might even last just as long. It will be different for each person so be sure to try the sample first.

  5. Cloud is def a dupe when sprayed on clothes but on skin is a very different, much sweeter scent. Burberry Her is supposed to be another good dupe but to me Cloud smells closer to 540.

  6. i agree that both smell lovely, but i actually prefer Cloud as well. it has a note that is very marshmallow to me and i love it!!! πŸ’– worth buying both, possibly two of my favorite fragrances ever.

  7. The price tag should be switched if you ask me which nobody does! MFK must use Natural Cane Sugar to make it cost so much! That's just a little humor! Prefer the Cloud!

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