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  1. Side bet stats….
    110 hands played.
    $1,100 in side bets spent
    $1320 in side bets won
    27 straight hands without a pair equaling $270 lost
    $220 total profit in side bets

  2. I’d love to play a game w/ you & show you some things. There’s ways to bet properly on top of having more fun

    If you ever do a meet up at Cortez we’ll have to play!

    (I’m also curious if they “flat bet” you & allowed you to record if you couldn’t change your bet size any higher

  3. I’ve won $39k with friends on this game at turning stone casino in upstate New York not many people will believe me because this is the… internet lol but hey the game is so much fun!

  4. Why do people do side bets? It's literally giving the casino money. No matter what table I sit at there is always one person doing side bets.

  5. Leaving the casino one night I had a $100 chip in my hand. Passing a big crowd around the baccarat table I threw the chip down and it landed on tie..tie came in but if I remember correctly I got better than 9 to one??

  6. over 2 cards each 7 instant win over 6 no 3rd card needed

    over 2 cards 4 and 5 the player will draw 3rd card if is 1 2 3 is instant win over if is not 1 2 3 then banker draw 3rd card

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