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Hello fellow Baccologists. Welcome to our channel where our goal is to beat the casino.


The Baccologist has changed his mind yet again and again…. the ‘MARTY SUPER 7 JACKPOT’ will refer to the formerly know bet selection strategy ‘The System With No Name’ used in conjunction with the Super Martingale Money Management System. Again, ‘MARTY SUPER 7 JACKPOT’ will be used to refer to the compete package. Sorry for any confusion along the way…. I’m sure it will happen again.

The ‘MARTY SUPER 7 JACKPOT’ incorporates the following:

‘System With No Name ‘, this is how this strategy works:

I will be using ‘P’ for Player and ‘B’ for Banker

After P P happens on the main road your bet placement sequence will be: B B B P P P B until you get a win then reset back to 1 unit and wait for the next trigger


After B B happens on the main road your bet placement sequence will be: P P P B B B P until you get a win then reset back to 1 unit and wait for the next trigger.

Please note in the past The Baccologist has not been consistent on which side to place the level 7 bet of 127 units on. It’s a crap shoot. Good luck!


use this bet placement strategy, Super/ Grand Martingale Money Management System, concurrently with the system with no name. And it works like this:

1. first bet is 1 unit. If you win then reset back to 1 unit, or

2. if you lose double your last bet and add a unit.

3. If you win reset and go to step 1, if you lose go back to step 2.

If a person experiences a loss, the units bet for each subsequent hand will be 1, 3, 7, 15, 31, 63, 127…

Make sure your bankroll is the proper size for the level you want to go up to for the Super Martingale based on your unit size.

1,000 subscribers I’ll share my Terrific Twos Strategy

2,000 subscribers and ill share the Dr. X-Ray Strategy

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  1. Tell them Again Baccologist! You've given the pubic probably the best bet selection strategy going and for FREE and real play tutorials for FREE. Stay away from system sellers people!

  2. I collect, design, buy and study systems…. they all WIn sometimes……. but they all lose in the long run…….. apart from this one Baccologist….. which seems to win in the long run!!……. Thanks for sharing for free….. If I had a winning system I wouldn't share it ….. lol

  3. I am very happy that Mister Baccologist is winning consistently daily! However, can you confirm that you have so far been winning from €200+ left after converting your comp points? I believe you are up above €6,000 at the moment from €200+ With your patience, strict discipline & excellent winning strategies, I hope you can go on winning & be successful against Baccarat in the long term! Meanwhile, before this period of success, have you ever got hit by this Super Martingale 7 using this current winning strategy? Thank you to a very kind & honest man Mister Baccologist!

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