Bet Selection: Player 3
Money Management: Super/ Grand Martingale

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Player 3 Bet Selection

Enter a different table. Start betting player only.

After 3 losses in a row change tables.

When a tie occurs, repeat your last bet: same location and same denomination


use the above bet placement concurrently with the Super/ Grand Martingale Money Management System. And it works like this:

1. first bet is 1 unit. If you win then reset back to 1 unit, or

2. if you lose double your last bet and add a unit.

3. If you win reset and go to step 1, if you lose go back to step 2.

If a person experiences a loss, the units bet for each subsequent hand will be 1, 3, 7, 15, 31, 63, 127…

Make sure your bankroll is the proper size for the level you want to go up to for the Super Martingale based on your unit size.

When a tie occurs, repeat exactly what you did when the tie occurred (same bet location and same size of units bet).

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  1. Wasted days of efforts playing only €20 base bets! Should be playing €50 by now! It'll be same results but so much more money 💰 should have been won! Be fearless & ruthless! True or false? TQ

  2. Due to the current heatwave in Canada, the Silly old Fool aka Sifu Baccologist maybe in sweltering mode & reduced to a bag of bones! Hence, the recent inactivity & reduced Baccarat sessions! True or false? TQ

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  4. I understand that some. Fourteen months ago I withdraw. Then two or three days later I totally wiped out.
    And like I mentioned last video about positive progression play, Here is what I know…
    I knew a channel who was mastered in the arts of Positive Progressive play.
    They have been gone a little while. I picked up a few bottom lines from their now deleted videos but, If I will play Positive Progression full force I have to rearrange my Bet Selection Totally. For me personally im finding that very difficult to do. So as One of Cheetos The Baccarat Player's followers ( nobody with a channel ) told me last year. " Well just Lose for the rest of your life"
    My truth is
    A Person CANNOT play Positive Progression unless you limit and cap the betting strategies and ways of thinking that you use. An example would be to try and catch a run on only ONE Side of P or B NOT both
    Or Catch Choppy and NO P or B runs because if you try to catch ( anything ) NO long runs can possibly form. On Negative progression yoy can catch small to medium runs of all kinds and slowly you catch up. Unless Marty like you and only need One win to be profitable on the exchange.
    And I would be at war trying to sort that out. So for now the hell with Positive play. Maybe I can do ( some ) of it at later date but it conflicts how I play.
    I hope this explains things and clears up several levels if confusion?
    Catch you next time.😎

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