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As most of you know I love perfume and had been hearing that Alt’s Crystal No 23 is a dupe for Baccarat Rouge 540. I wanted to give y’all the real spill if you should spend your coin or not.LOL! Let me know your thoughts

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  1. I agree the Arianna Grande Cloud smells just like the Baccarat. I am going to try out the ALT Crystal No.23 cause I’m with you girl my Baccarat only comes out on special occasions.

  2. Thank you for your honest opinion. I sampled baccarat today in Neimans and fell in loveeeee but refuse to spend $300 on perfume. This review definitely helped me.

  3. Honestly HATE BR540 – I stupidly listened to all the other scent experts and bought two dupes one for myself and one for a gift – I'm not blaming the dupes because they smell like the real deal – but PEEPS do not get swayed over this scent I loathe it and now I have two and don't want to give it as a gift even. Go smell before you buy anything is my recommendation.

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