Bet Selection: Player 3
Money Management: Super/ Grand Martingale

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Player 3 Bet Selection

Enter a different table. Start betting player only.

After 3 losses in a row change tables.

When a tie occurs, repeat your last bet: same location and same denomination


use the above bet placement concurrently with the Super/ Grand Martingale Money Management System. And it works like this:

1. first bet is 1 unit. If you win then reset back to 1 unit, or

2. if you lose double your last bet and add a unit.

3. If you win reset and go to step 1, if you lose go back to step 2.

If a person experiences a loss, the units bet for each subsequent hand will be 1, 3, 7, 15, 31, 63, 127…

Make sure your bankroll is the proper size for the level you want to go up to for the Super Martingale based on your unit size.

When a tie occurs, repeat exactly what you did when the tie occurred (same bet location and same size of units bet).

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  1. why would you risk 26k for the sake of $750?? wrong bet.. so what..? build it back from 1st unit again.. im sorry but that's a very dumb decision to continue betting because at 26k you should be a lot more cautious

  2. Gee whiz! What a sweat! I think you’ve answered all your own questions. Always learn from these lessons although it is always hard in the moment. But you were disciplined and finished the session after the loss to reset again! Wish you the best of luck 👍

  3. Since your internet connection is not so fast, maybe it might be better to change your video settings once you join a table and before placing bet. .

  4. Wow! I respect you're play style, but I just can't understand why you won't cash out. Why not cash out 20K, start over w/5k bankroll and lower bets? This will keep happening if you don't CASH OUT, buy a nice watch, and start over. The odds are against you… Remember?

  5. Today Sifu Baccologist lost about €12,000 & No1g8tor is laughing, rejoicing & rolling in his grave now! Whenever & forever Sifu Baccologist loses, No1g8tor repeats this eternal process of laughter, rejoice & rolling in his grave! No1g8tor's wicked soul is burning in the Lake of fire🔥 in Hell! True or false? TQ

  6. Dear sir, Casinos show these past records of winning sides because the next hand should be placed with bigger amounts by players. Since, the Casinos have mathematical advantage over players, our winnings are only our luck, isn't it? No Bet Selection nor Money Management will ever going to win over casino for long term (Not even for one whole shoe), that's for sure. I've been studying and learning these strategies but in the end, it's all luck and you know sir, Luck Does Not Last Forever. So, withdraw all the money and don't bet again because it is not good for mental health. No one in this world lasts forever on the luck. For the better future, get over to the other side of the table if possible (Be the owner, not the player). If you want to gamble then just go ALL IN, either you double your money or you lose it all. That's it. Thank you.

  7. Its very important to make sure that you get the Bets that you want in time.
    If you feel TOO rushed them probably better to sit that hand out.
    Just my calculations here.
    Hopefully you can figure it out AND also bounce back again?

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