Bet Selection: Player 3
Money Management: Super/ Grand Martingale

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Player 3 Bet Selection

Enter a different table. Start betting player only.

After 3 losses in a row change tables.

When a tie occurs, repeat your last bet: same location and same denomination


use the above bet placement concurrently with the Super/ Grand Martingale Money Management System. And it works like this:

1. first bet is 1 unit. If you win then reset back to 1 unit, or

2. if you lose double your last bet and add a unit.

3. If you win reset and go to step 1, if you lose go back to step 2.

If a person experiences a loss, the units bet for each subsequent hand will be 1, 3, 7, 15, 31, 63, 127…

Make sure your bankroll is the proper size for the level you want to go up to for the Super Martingale based on your unit size.

When a tie occurs, repeat exactly what you did when the tie occurred (same bet location and same size of units bet).

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  1. Mr. Baccologist, I think maybe you should take a break for a week! You should go back and look over all your other 500+ videos and review which strategy worked the best for you most of the time. You need to take a breather as all of us do (or should) when we are on a losing streak!

  2. remember 1 thing my friend.. as much as we all want you to win 50 100 200k… but i can tell you 1 thing guaranteed that you only get 1 prime time… time where you reach the highest potential of your win and after that you never reach that point again.. you just can't…. unless you do 10 20k hands and luck out on those…. thats why i kept pushing you with every comment of mine on every video to withdraw but i guess you had something different in mind…. good good luck

  3. Please do not shut down your Youtube channel, because we need to download all your loses videos as educational purposes world wide, to show the nation that there are still human beings who praise super martingale as a powerful weapon to fight against Covid-19. Pathetic.

  4. I feel like you're chasing your lose. Maybe, trying to reach that 50K level again. That in itself can/will throw your focus off. Forget about that and do what you did to get there. Even if that means falling back to minimal bets. Eventually you'll get back into that rhythm. I'm sure we've all experienced what we're seeing happen. Slowly and surely it'll go back to the casino if you don't reset (your mind). Heck, you did the same this time, just with a smaller amount. If your head isn't in the game nothing will work. We attract what we focus on.

    You're still the 🐐 to me!

  5. I lost all for whole my life,even today. So I understand what you are feeling. However I must say that only the way you play can beat casino if you reset or skip bet at level 6 and rebuild again. We have the whole life time.

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