Discover the legend of “the king of crystal and the crystal of kings”.
In line with the amazing presentation at the Petit Palais in Paris to celebrate the 250 years anniversary of the brand in 2014, and for the first time in its history, Baccarat is presenting 400 pieces of its renowned heritage collection outside of France.

This exhibition called “Baccarat, a collector’s house” will be held in Shanghai from November 6 to February 8 in collaboration with the Heng Fu Art Center.
The scenography pays tribute to Baccarat’s unparalleled savoir-faire, creativity and glamour. Designed to recreate a collector’s home, the stylish staging takes us back to the late 1920’s when Shanghai became known as “The Paris of the East”. The masterpieces are all original and unique, hand made throughout the centuries by the artisans of the factory located in the village of Baccarat in Lorraine where the brand saw the light in 1764.

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