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Join this channel to get access to perks: This is a training list to learn principles that are more important than the luck for Baccarat.

And as a Baccarat player, it is one of the many ways to go.

1st Understand the concept and meaning of the Scoreboard.
Big Road
Bead Plate
Big Eye Road
Small Road
Cockroach Road

2nd Learn the types of patterns that often appear on each Road and practice spotting them on the Scoreboard.
1 streak, 1 row, 2 row repeat, 2 row irregular, and so on

3rd Learn how the signals appear on the Derived Roads(Big Eye, Small, and Cock-roach) according to the result of Big Road. And practice it.
red or blue signals on the Derived Roads

4th Learn how to do the opposite of the 3rd process and practice it.
That is, predict the result of Big Road according to imagining the signals on the Derived Roads.

5th Learn how to draw the Scoreboard by yourself by hand and practice it.
That is, draw the Derived Roads based on the Big Road by hand using a Scoreboard card.

6th Learn how to predict upcoming hand and practice it.
From here, you will learn the secrets of the Baccarat game one by one.

7th Learn the money management suited to you. And learn betting strategies based on it.
This is the final preparation stage to go to the casino. And if you master this stage, you won’t be afraid of anything.

8th Learn game strategies that you can enjoy only for fun.
Only at that stage, you can truly enjoy the game.

9th Practice more than 30 minutes each day.
It’ll help you keep your best condition.

10th Try to find a way to help people who love this game.
This part is a process I’m still trying, so I have no advice yet.

If 1,000 people watch this video, 100 of them will empathize with it.

And 10 of them will try.

And again, only one of them will try to the end.

But, I hope all of you try to be
one of 1,000.



  1. Thanks for another inspirational video Master👍

    When people ask me how to play baccarat, I always refer them to your channel. They have everything they need to learn to start from your channel.

  2. In this and other videos, MBG, you are laying out the blueprint. Unfortunately, the numbers will hold true. But, I think that with the quality of your videos and the solid concepts you present, that number will be much higher than 1 in 1000 as those who do will refer those who can do – as in "birds of a feather flock together". Just today, I met a reg at the casino. I asked him what he is doing. (He is one of the few rare people that I would actually talk Baccarat with.) He said it was funny because we was wanting to ask me what I was doing! I pointed him to MBG, which for me is truly a rarity because I don't usually make recommendations. But, in his case, I know he will put forth the effort if he decides to check it out. I expect quite a few conversations down the road.

  3. Thanks again Master for your video we have a private group at Facebook call Baccarat Nation it is a nice group where we can share our passion for this fascinating Baccarat game it would be an honor if you would like to join 🙂

  4. I don't have a clue how to use the roads I am completely lost.please help me as I am desperate to learn .you are the only one I see that makes any sense and I would love to learn from you .how do I go about mastering the roads. Thank you.

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