1. If the majority of these outcomes are pretty much 50:50 why is it every time I play RNG guaranteed I will lose 6+ hands in a row every session but yet I can't remember the last time I won 6 in a row!

  2. This Video is excellent in informing people which situations to not even bother placing a bet while playing Baccarat. On the flipside—if you constantly place your bets in the situations where you have a .75%–5.5% edge—you have a very good chance to make money in Baccarat—over the long run. Thanks for the Vid.

  3. Naser, first I would like to say thank you for what you do. It is greatly appreciated. Can you please do probabilities for after 3 and 4 decisions. Thanks in advance. Stay safe and stay blessed.

  4. Thank you for your wisdom! I think you would be surprised after reading a book called Baccarat Prosperity. You can find it on Amazon. It's one of the best rated Baccarat books that has genuine intentions on helping its readers win money consistently. Keep up the great info!

  5. because of different SHUFFLE…
    first hand shuffle.. the next is machine shuffle before they distribute these to different baccarat table. resulting in different pattern and statistics.
    … a new system.of betting should be develop wherein no matter how the casinos shuffle the cards… the players emerges winners… this is thru betting. WIN HIGH.. lose low.

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