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Lock the stable door after the horse is stolen.

I would like to apply this proverb to the game like the following.

Control the mind after the chips are gone.

You would have experienced losing all chips you had. What did you have in mind at that moment?

A blend of emotions like sadness, anger, a sense of shame, a sense of loss, and a sense of defeat might have fermented inside you.

And then, you must have managed to work through those bad feelings and strengthened resolution for the next chance.

However, as you know well, that is very undesirable. You’re only repeating pouring water into a sieve, literally.

Then, what to do to correct that situation?

You may be sick of hearing these words, but it’s still the best advice.

“Be calm and strong”

If you practiced enough, do your best to keep being calm and strong in the casino.

Betting only once at one table is the most helpful to you at first. Of course, you are supposed to be skilled in this training strategy.

And if you win in a row in this way, you might be sure of yourself.

I always have a light warm-up in this way before a full-scale game in the casino.

Lastly, I’ve attached the example. Keep in mind to bet only once at one table under any circumstance.



  1. Thank you once again Master for your wisdom and guidance. Being calm is very important. It is so easy to go on "tilt" to throw good money after bad so to speak. It is easy to be upset and weak, to try to win back all losses and lose everything. That's why it is always wise to have a "stop loss" for a bad session so you can live to fight another day.

  2. A really fun idea for your next video would to parlay 8 straight winning bets for a huge payout lol. Also a private video to go over the results would be educational. I saw at least 5 bets made that left me perplex as to why they were made as it went against what we have been learning privately for the past 3 months. Thanks

  3. Dear Master, I took the liberty of analyzing the video in detail and I could see that you bet according to one of its fundamental principles which you explain in one of your previous videos. The same is that the marker sends you signals. I don't take chances with patterns colliding with each other, just excellent.

  4. I will bet the same way as Master except 6 & 7 is purely based on intuition. If you guys are still wondering how Master did it, is because he keeps playing and only showing us his winning streaks. Not the ones he miss.

    No matter how confident & clam one can be. Ya will encounter patterns that are nicely setup, with out collisions on any roads. Correlated nicely sometimes. But it will still Break.

    Try playing a baccarat game app a whole day and u will know what I mean. Hit and run at casinos for 30days. There will a day where most patterns breaks for ya to lose it back.

    Casinos do not fear pattern recognition players. Ya need more than that to be a winning player over time. Ya need for example 2 systems when pattern don’t work the other steps in. Progression Regression methods are also needed for advanced players because the longer u play if u are down, u need to pay more commissions and winning half for Banker 6/7.

    There’s no way thinking u can walk in each time and walk out winning 3/5 or 4/5 hands base on patterns alone.

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