In this video Dr. Tom demonstrates his personal bet selection and betting for a shoe he and his wife played at their local casino.

The most amazing thing is that they won 13 out of the last 14 bets in the shoe from a typical shoe all players see every day with NO strong repeating patterns on the reader board.

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  1. Yes 100%- playing “avant- dernier” system. Never lose more than 3 in a row. Dream shoe for me. But not many shoes like this come up often enough! Usually terrible twos and randomness wipe me out🤬!

  2. I play my method with both of those shoes. I will have to say that the first shoe with that 9-Player streak and 15-Banker streak is a Gambler's dream. Big winning trends. When I played that shoe with my method, I would have 36 wins and 14 losses with the profit of +24.95 units after commission.

    The Hollywood Casino shoe, on the other hand, wasn't a winning show. However, it would prevent heavy losses. As a result, I had 17 wins and 22 losses with a net loss of -6.65 units.

    If I were to leave the casino after playing both session, I would still be in profit of +18.29 units. So I would still be happy with that.

    If I started out my session with -6.65 units, my goal for the next session would be +25% more than what I loss. In this case, 25% of -6.65 is roughly 1.66. So 6.65 + 1.66= 8.31. So my goal to be back in is only 8 or 9 units and my net profit would still be at least 1 unit. 1 unit may be nothing for smaller unit bets but a small profit means you're not losing.

    Thank you for the video Upload Dr. Tom. Looking forward to seeing more of these types of videos. Edit or not haha.

  3. Hi Jordan,

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

    You are welcome and glad you liked the shoes.

    As I said, the first shoe was a "shoe from heaven" which is almost a guarantee that we will get there late for it…lol.

    If your bet selection can win a more typical shoe from further "south" of heaven, then consistent profits are more likely.

    Good luck in your future trips to the casino.

  4. You are a great gambler. Although I did not watch this video, too slow and boring. Glad to find out you go to Granville, PA. I live in Pakistan, if I ever happen to be in your neck of the woods, I would surely like to meet you.

  5. Great job Doc, I was +20 on my charted system for that shoe.
    Thats really high for me at the 46 hand . I am usually done after 20 to 25 hands or +10- +13, but occasionally I play to around 50 hands if I like the shoe. We can alot of tables to okay with, so I abandon alot of winning shoes. +13/-13 is my abandon point.
    Great job! I had +200 on that B hand that you won $500 on.!😎👌👍♥️♠️♣️♦️

  6. Dr. Tom, I know you aren’t a believer In martingale neither am I. My question is do you ever martingale on a small scale like a 3 step max if you are sure of a result of the next hand or two??

  7. please post many videos

    im from Philippines i never try any gambling or enter in casino but i want to try baccarat after the pandemic im watching all your videos and learning it helps me a lot 🙂 please post a lot of video

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