Inspired by the success of the Baccarat bar & lounge of the eponymous hotel in New York, the world premiere Baccarat Boutique, BBar, Lounge opens in Milan, in a beautiful courtyard in Via Montenapoleone.

Unique in its kind, the location presents a glamorous mix of heritage and modernity and it’s decorated with Baccarat crystals, superb collections of glasses, vintage cutlery and teapots, fabrics and colors of the most beloved Milan, also featuring paintings by Alexandre Benjamin Navet that recall the frescoes of the building.

An exclusive place, ideal for a coffee, a business lunch, a juicy break while shopping, a glass of champagne Perrier-Jouët or a signature Baccarat cocktail before dinner.

Along the bar and lounge menu is the “Art de la table” offer in the adjacent boutique, to treat yourself or to get a gift in a magical red box containing everything you liked about this wonderful, not to be missed cocoon.

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  1. I’m debating between the Massena and the Mille Nuits. But you have so many inconsistencies in your lineup that it tempts me to look elsewhere. For example, as for Massena:

    1. the Massena white wine glass only comes in a short glass yet you offer red wine glass in a tall size.
    2. you have two sizes of stemmed Massena water glasses (yet you also have high balls which are water glasses, why also have stemmed water glasses, in two sizes no less, when you already offer water glasses in the form of a high ball?).
    3. The Massena offers no snifters, cordials, coffee, beer, whisky, or martini glasses – why not?

    As for Mille Nuits:
    1. Only the champagne tulips are available colored.
    2. A red wine glass is offered but no white wine glass.
    3. A tall water glass is also offered but beyond that, practically no other types are offered (tumbler, high ball, martini, beer, whisky, coffee, cordial, etc. – again, why not?).

    Why the inconsistencies within the same “families”? My suggestion – offer just a few families but offer them as complete line ups within each family. For example, maybe I’d like set of mossy green Mille Nuits in champagne, red wine, white wine, cordial, high ball, tumbler, whisky, beer, coffee, etc). Maybe I’d like a set of Massenas in the aforementioned types. A customer should be able to get their collections as such.

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