Baccarat cards counting strategy. No need to be a mathematical genius, as the count strategy is easy as it is with small numbers counting.
The counting rules are as follows,
-Count 1 for every Ace, two, or three, dealt from the shoe.
-Count 2 for every four dealt from the shoe.
-Count minus 1 when a five, seven, or eight are dealt from the shoe.
-Count minus 2 when a six is dealt from the show.
-Count 0 when every King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Nine is dealt from the show.
And you need to keep counting as long as the game and counting is done with one single cards shoe.
And then the higher the number of the count is, your odds of winning a player bet become now higher and higher.
Once you hit a count of sixteen, it is then better to place your wager on the player than on the banker, and when it iss lower than 16, keep betting on the banker.
Tie bets are too risky to place bets on, unless that is what you are after.
Cards counting in baccarat is simple as that.
Once a new cards shoe is used, then you need to start your counting system again.
The counting system is basicaly working like that,t by minoriting the cards which are no longer in the cards shoe, and which ones remain, you can then select your decision about which bet will have more probabilities than the other.



  1. Have many thing i don't understand about this sytem , the first question i need to count the card in banker role or count on player or both ? the second question : what happen if the result count is -16 or more ? should i bet player role or bet banker role?

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