1. I had been working on an answer to this issue when you posted the other video on this approach a month ago. If you go back to the comment sections. I described a few ways to deal with it.
    But if you are into this way better dont worry about it. This is the MAIN #1 way that i play baccarat so i had been studying it. I have found you dont have to lose whole bankroll because of it you can actually still do good despite the challenge but…. Let me know ok?
    I'd be glad to reshare my ideas.

  2. I used this an a NJ online dealer casino and it worked great….up 10 units. I have a photo of the shoe if you want emailed. Just to make sure if I'm doing it right. One thing, I did not bet after a Tie regardless.

  3. My name is Nikki, I love all your videos. You can play hold shoe with your best system BBPBBP or PPBPPB. Star to bet BBPBBP when BBP appeared , and play PPB when PPB apreared..Please take time to check it. Thank you very much about your videos.I wish the best for you.

  4. Wilson did you ever test out this system? JustGeorge

    1 month ago

    Mr. Amigo, I sent my Baccarat Big Bopper system to Craig. It's been working great for me. Over 100 shoes won without a loss using a modified Martingale betting progression. Try it out and share with your viewers if it passes your smell test. Can't wait for the casinos to re-open so I can try it out with real money. Stay safe and stay healthy. Thank you for your valuable time.

  5. Tell me if I got this right. You only place bets on row 1 and rows 4 on down of the main road. If row 2 gets a hit, you skip the next bet. Is that correct?

  6. Here's another way to play your Opposite Last 6 strategy. Wait for 3 matches in a row or 3 non-matches in a row, then bet opposite until you win. For instance, say hands 5 & 11 match, hands 6 & 12 match, and hands 7 & 13 match. That's 3 matches in a row. For hand 14, bet against another match happening & keep betting opposite until you win. You can combine this with your traditional way of playing. For instance, on hand 7 you bet opposite of hand 1 and win. Hand 8 is opposite hand 2 & hand 9 is opposite hand 3. That's 3 opposites in a row. Bet for hand 10 to match hand 4 & keep betting betting for hands to match until you win. Of course, you have to use Martingale negative progression with this.

  7. Play Baccarat at Charles Town casino in Charles Town West Virginia on Saturday June 7th. Minimum bet 25 dollars, maximum bit 1000 dollars. On the 50 and 100. Dollar minimum, maximum bet was 5000. Dollars, Only 3 tables open, Only one was 25 minimum, Only 3 players per table.

  8. This looks great if there are some long streaks in the shoe… Unfortunately, when I practiced on the wizard of odds I got hit with a long succession of twos and threes, completely wiping me out. πŸ™

  9. This bet selection originated in France few hundred years ago and its called AVANT DERNIER which basically is follow the one before last.
    There are a lot of STAKING programs offering guaranteed returns with this system but quickly disappeared.

    The variation suggested in this video would failed miserably with LONG terrible 2's
    It is also devastating if the pattern goes 2's – 3's and then 2's – 3's and so on.

    However, if you have the patience with a 6 Marty, you can steal some units if you chart until you have 8 losses in a row then only bet.


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