1. Thanks for this video. me thinks its quite excellent. It shows in vignette the consummate craftsmanship of meilleurs ouvriers de France, which is a hall mark of Baccarat crystal.

  2. Thank you for adding this video. After watching the video many times, I was finally able to learn how you made the channels through the center of the curved pieces on your chandeliers. Wow, the wine glasses where a wonderful surprise. I am a graduate in HVACR. I continued my study to earn a Residencial Electrician diplomacy as well. I am always interested in learning more. This video was very educational.

  3. Tsars of Russia were using baccarat glasses only; it is heard that every time after drinking from this glass, the Tsar would throw the empty glass/goblet backwards to get it shattered; this was to make sure that nobody else drink from the glass from which the Tsar drank.

  4. Amazing! One of my personal friends is one of eight Master Crystal Makers in the world. He created all of Waterford's colored crystal designs. It's an art form that I know nothing about yet if I want to learn it, I have a master nearby to teach it to me.

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