1. If you actually play live and know that you don't have to bet every hand, maybe you'll come up with a system that will win you money. Why your type is so eager beating this game with every single hand. Are your type really that stubborn?

  2. lets say you are at 3rd level and you win a 3 unit bet bringing me back to +1 Now I return from level 3 to level 2 to win 2 iar winning 1 unit bet + 2 unit bet in order to get back to level 0? Returning to level 0 means I made 4 units profit? Also what about when we lose level 3 We than start betting at 5 and 8. Thanks for confirmation! or correction in case I am making an error. I need to know if I am doing it correctly on the way back to level 0! Do you have an email I contact you?

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