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The ‘mbsc’ type is the worst Shoe that is highly likely to lead to a considerable loss.

In particular, we often fail to get out when the profitable Shoe transforms into the ‘mbsc’ type in the middle of a game. That always adds a heavy burden to our game.

Please try to choose one of Player, Banker, and Pass for every hand in the following example.

What were your results? Of course, the results might be varying depending on players’ skills and experiences. There is no correct answer.

However, there is one thing for sure nobody can deny.

Now, if you go back to the last page of the test and assume that you see the Scoreboard for the first time, you would never want to play this Shoe.

Likewise, we often regret that we shouldn’t have played in this type of Shoes after a considerable loss.

So the key to this type of Shoes is how fast we can figure out and escape.

I hope you always bring it to your mind whenever you practice or play games.

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  1. Only 2 bets and the rest were a pass, for me. I bet the Great White Buffalo 🐃 pattern. I named that one.
    When Cockroach Pig Road had 3 Blue slash the 2 red slash bet blue slash. That was 3rd hand.
    And I bet the Holy Grail, which was after 2 P and 2 B bet next hand P.
    I think it was hand number 14.
    I passed on all the others

  2. Are you sure that mbsc shoes are not good to play? Because I have seen when you select shoes you look for mbsc shoes to choose! So , what’s true definition of mbsc shoes?

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