(6 Jun 2013) SHOTLIST
Macau, 22 May 2013
1. Mid of people playing at a baccarat table, dealer starting to distribute cards
2. Close of dealer’s hand, taking card from a cardholder
3. Close of card being flipped over
4. Close of chips
5. Mid of baccarat master Quan Shi, playing baccarat
6. Close of Quan Shi’s hand bending card
7. Close of Quan Shi’s hands putting chips on table
8. SOUNDBITE (English), Quan Shi, board member of the Las Vegas-based Zuan Xin Lucky Dragon Gaming
“They only like to play games of chance. So they feel lucky they’ll play very big on the baccarat tables. And if they win that means they are lucky on that day. And it’s exactly the opposite from the non-Asian players, who only play games that they know they can beat.”
File – 30 August 2012
9. Wide exterior of Casino Lisboa, hotel casino
Macau, 22 May 2013
10. Mid of crowd outside casino
11. Mid of Chinese tourists walking in line to get into the Venetian Macao Casino Resort
12. Close of Chinese tourists walking into casino resort
13. SOUNDBUTE (Madarin), Liao Xian-qiang, 43, mainland Chinese tourist
“(To throw a card on table) is looking for a kind of psychological comforting. The Chinese people believe in destiny, this sort of thing. Throwing the card may be able to let something internal to get out. This is what gambling is about, to express something internal and feel good about it.”
14. Set-up shot of Liao and another tourist, Liu Chuan-jian
15. SOUNDBITE (Madarin), Liu Chuan-jian, 40, mainland Chinese tourist
“I guess it’s because it (baccarat) is simple. (Players) don’t have to think much. You want big, then you bet on big. You want small, then you bet on small. It is simple, so everybody accepts it. And the stakes don’t have to be big. People can play this game to kill time.”
23 May 2013
16. Mid of a baccarat booth, with people learning how to play multi-baccarat, the baccarat that can accept multiple bets at the same time through iPads
17. Close of dealer with cards
18. Wide of dealer and exhibition
19. Tracking shot of Raymond Yap, director of Galaxy’s international premium markets, with his assistant
20. SOUNDBITE (English), Raymond Yap, director of Galaxy’s international premium markets
“I guess it’s also related to the unique characteristic about the Chinese. When they spend their leisure time, particularly in gaming, they want something which is of simple choices. So I think baccarat is simple enough, it’s either banker or player, apart from you have a tie, relatively compared to other games that we offer on the floor.”
Macau, 22 May 2013
21. Wide of a booth in Global Gaming Expo Asia in Macau
22. Mid of visitors looking at gaming machine
Macau, 23 May 2013
23. Close of man looking at dealer on iPad screen
Macau, 22 May 2013
24. Back shot of David Chou, business development manager of Jumbo Technology, looking at several screens of the multi-baccarat game machine
25. Close of screen showing a dealer giving instruction to player to bet
26. Mid of Chou, placing bet on touch-screen baccarat machine
27. Mid of touch-screen baccarat machine, with Chou playing
28. Close of touch-screen baccarat machine, with Chou betting
29. Close of touch-screen baccarat machine, with
Chou raising the stake
30. Close of screen showing game result
31. Close of screen showing statistics of the game
32. SOUNDBITE (English), David Chou, business development manager of Jumbo Technology
33. Wide of a blackjack booth at the Global Gaming Expo Asia in Macau
34. Mid of player and dealer at a blackjack table
35. Wide of an electronic racing booth, showing a racing game in progress on screen

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