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This is the first episode on Baccarat How to Build Your Bankroll Live. As the tile suggests all of our play is recorded live. In this episode of the series we continue start to build our bankroll using the Vegas Grind Money Management system. Whether you have the system or not, watch as we use the preferred method of play. It takes discipline to quit a winner and this video practices what we preach…and that is in order to be a consistent winner in baccarat, discipline is a must!

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Please read the ground rules to this series and the disclaimer below.

DISCLAIMER: My videos, writings, the Vegas Grind YouTube Channel, and are for information and entertainment purposes only. Results are not guaranteed. I show how you can win at various casino games using the Vegas Grind System I’ve developed, as well as other techniques.

If you have already subscribed to VGMMS through, please feel free to track along and compare results. If you have not, please visit to get a subscription to the system that could change your life!

Here are some ground rules to this series:

1. The shoes I will be playing in the series are all played live and consecutively. Therefore, I will not cherry pick or alter the results in any manner.

2. If I crash and burn, I crash and burn. I will not hold anything back. And if I win you will see that too.

3. I will try to win a maximum of 3 units per shoe. If at any time I feel that I need to, I reserve the right to get out of the shoe.

4. I will be playing a maximum of one shoe per episode and as little as 1 hand.

5. Behind the scenes I will be using VGMMS to manage my money using only a one to three unit spread.

6. The Levels (patterns) I use are the exact 8 ones I use in the VGMMS lessons.
My goal is to show you how to build your bankroll. Since these are live videos you will see the steps the actual steps I use with the preferred method of play using VGMMS.

7. I may also use HART, our Hit And Run Technique to try and dig out of a jam. As well, I may also use NEWHART which is our advanced and new hit and run technique not yet released to the public.

8. We are starting the series with a 100 unit cushion and will be using $5 units. According to our Money Management rules when we win our unit size will increase and if we lose the unit size may be lowered.

9. I may also show you other patterns and other games such as roulette and craps where the system can be used.

10. I will try and post a YT video on this series as time permits and reserve the right to cancel the series at any time.



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