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  2. Nice Christopher, i bet on player the whole shoe and didn't have to marty no more than 4 times i can't wait until city opens back up. Keep up the good vids really enjoy watching!

  3. Yowwwww man,thanks for listening and doing my video suggestion,this exactly the video i was waiting for and only you made it! Iโ€™m gonna watch it a couple of times so I master this game.Lol canโ€™t believe its this easy to make money now a days๐Ÿ˜…

  4. hi christopher, i know you have a very vast experience in betting martingale system. is it profitable to bet until 7th matingale in the long run? or is it better to bet until the 6th martingale then take it as a loss if the 6th martingale lose and start base bet again?

  5. Thanks for making this educational baccarat video. But the 21 Player win streak is somewhat concerning. Some of the past testimonial videos talk about coaching clients being โ€œtestedโ€ by having to place a SIXTH martingale bet. Six martingales is a very long way from 22 martingales. If you had bet on Banker at the beginning of the Player streak and kept martingale-ing until you recovered all your previous losses, your 22nd bet would have to be $209,000,000. Too high for table limits, Iโ€™m sure, not to mention the multi million dollar bankroll that would be necessary. I know 21 Banker/Player streaks must not occur very frequently, but if it can happen once it can happen again, and can nuke a bankroll if bets are placed on the wrong side.

  6. Really a great video , Because I'm a green horn at this I got confused on how to count I really want to learn the rules . I'm coming to vegas when ever its safe , I usually come 3-4 times a year from Canada. Thanks I have been following your videos and have subcribed and love them all. Stay Safe

  7. Would it be not better to bet always on the dealer because he has a slight advantage or am I wrong? Thanks for your help you done a great job I will be emailing you also.

  8. You mentioned how much slower the game is played in a casino compared to this video. How long does the average hand take in a hand held game in a casino with a couple players or so? Iโ€™ve never played baccarat in a casino but Iโ€™m learning a lot from your videos. Thanks

  9. 1st thank you for sharing your knowledge. That's very kind and generous of youโค. 2nd you might have answered this already but how do you know when to bet banker or player? Thank you and God bless ๐Ÿ™

  10. I have watched several of you videos. I understand completely the martingale system. My question to you is you ever go up on a win, or only on a loss to recover the loss? In other words a positive progression? not just a negative one(martingale)

  11. hey Christopheryou are making a mistake at one point the first four cards show that the banker has 4 points the play has zero the play draw 2-7 then the banker must draw 3rd card but in this causes you to have drawn 3rd number three on the play is not over the banker must draw on 3rd card please take a look on your chart that will help you to improve your memory the game, okay Christopher

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