Gambling author, Steve Bourie, explains how to play and how to win at baccarat. Topics covered include: the rules of the game, the bets that can be made; the casino’s advantage on those bets; which bet is the worst and should never be made; the best strategy for winning at baccarat; a look at a baccarat betting system; and much more.

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  1. Not that I have done nor would I recommend anyone do this method listed below but it “technically” is not a form of cheating & you don’t have to be fast with mathematics. All it requires is that you have great eyesight, good memory & practice enough with whatever decks your casino of choice uses. Thats when the “Edge Sorting” method becomes a deadly strategy if done by someone who is well versed! In theory if it’s a method you’re wanting to try you can simply go online if you’re not local & buy some cancelled game used decks from whatever casino you decide you’re going to play baccarat at & begin practicing at home learning the edges & what edge represents what sequence of cards. For instance if you go to a casino that uses the diamond pattern back which I’d say 90% of casinos do it’s fairly easy bc some cards have 2 full diamonds on the edge whereas others have 1-1/4 or 1-1/2 diamonds near the edge. Just look at what Phil Ivey was able to accomplish with a partner who mastered the “Edge Sorting” technique!

  2. I was play video baccarat at the casino. I was playing the side bets like a sucker. I was winning, but losing the side bets was cutting into my profit margin. As soon as I stopped betting the tie bet….i tied 4 times straight. I could have won at minimum 200 bucks. Oy vey

  3. There is no so call strategy.The only ways can win in everything on game, career, study, work, gambling bla bla, it is
    mentality control and your own system. Lastly must believe in Jesus he peace in your life.

  4. Back in January 2019 I visited the Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore. I saw this senior presumably British highroller. He plays no-commission baccarat and bets about S$60K/hand (US$45K/hand), and he always bets on player. I was bemused "What is he thinking? This rich man has no strategies?"

    Ever since that encounter I have been learning forex trading, and probability is part of the lesson: statistical edge, risk-to-reward ratio. (BTW the probability lesson made me hate myself for being ignorant of the math of casino games) Then I saw the British man again in February 2020 in the same casino. Then I found out from public sources, that he runs a forex broker. No wonder!

    I guess, the British man sticks to player side instead of banker side just for simplicity, since the banker side of the no-commission baccarat game at MBS Casino there comes with half payment (1-to-2 payment) on 6-points win. He understands probability, and he knows that the result of baccarat game indeed is random, so he makes no suckers' bets and avoids losers' 'strategies' altogether.

  5. The reason you can't really win is simple. The house has TWO winning bets. You only have ONE. If you pick player, casino wins everytime banker wins, and everytime a TIE happens. This game is seriously garbage. Avoid it and learn a more exciting game that YOU can decide your outcome. Roulette is my favorite even though it has the highest casino edge. I play on the casino numbers, 0 & 00. No other numbers.

  6. I play Electronic Baccarat 2 – 3 times a week in Casino – I love this game even I loose most of the time / only because I stay too long . if you be patient / not greedy / experience / don't bet every hand = you have a good edge. bet tie & pair when you see it consist history = Not Guaranteed but if you play enough @ same casino a lot of times you hit because you already seen / remember the out come = NOT Guaranteed . Most Important Discipline = LEAVE while a head / don't be GREEDY . you want to be on mostly Winning streak instead of loosing streak.

    again you have great days & very bad days / even days > LEAVE & try better luck next time better than loosing = goes w/ territory . loose 3 straight take a break & try 30 min + later otherwise I have lose 15 hands straight !!!!!

  7. One fun thing to notice is that nearly all baccarat tables skip seas #4, and you will see seat #3 then seat #5. This is because baccarat is loved by asian gamblers and in most asian cultures the #4 is considered very unlucky.

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