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▶With this series, you can intensively learn the actual betting process. There are 3 steps in this process as below.
First, Sort through the Scoreboard to spot the possibilities of the patterns.
Second, Figure out any potential underlying hands according to the possibilities of all patterns you spotted.
Third, Check out if they collide with each other.

▶As a result of this process, if there are the possibilities of the patterns without collision, place a bet.

▶But if the patterns collide with each other, you have 3 options as below.
Option 1, If there is a very strong pattern in comparison to others, bet on it.
Option 2, If the intensities of the patterns are similar, skip bet.
Option 3, If the patterns collide very strongly with each other, bet a small amount on ‘Tie’.

All of you have a great potential to increase the winning rate in the Baccarat game time after time.

Because you’re very serious with Baccarat game enough to pay attention to my channel.

I want you to be successful.



  1. Oh Master, such a great breakdown of the patterns. I am s huge fan of the 2/1 ppb pattern. I also would have won the 2and bet after the first player win here, because of this pattern, I will share with you, if you like. It also showed up on the last win. I would have bet 2 units on the last one, tho.
    Keep it up and let me know if you want me to share my pattern with you, I would be so happy to.
    Well done, Master!😎👍👏👏

  2. Hi Master. I have noticed that in one online casino, there is a burn card at the start of every shoe AND every hand. There seem to be more pattern or trend breaks there for the big eye and small roads. Do you think the burn card at the start of every hand affect the patterns?

  3. The more I watch your videos the better I get at spotting bets. Arent you the one who designed the game by any chance? I have been studying this game for more than 2 years and I havent gotten this much knowledge for free. If you ever visting/living in socal, hit me up 🙂

  4. Thankyou Master for sharing your knowledge with us.
    How strong are the patterns if you rated them from strongest to weakest?
    Is the Cockroach Road stronger than the Big Eye Road.
    Could you list the patterns from strongest to weakest, please?
    Do you also use patterns from the Bead road?
    Thankyou again.

  5. I am finding patterns that cooperate with each other and the patterns are strong but every time I place a bet it goes the opposite way, I’m not sure what I’m missing

  6. Thank you for this video. I kind of understand why you bet on Player at 2:17 but I think it would be great if you made a video focusing on this particular situation. I have a feeling this particular situation is why I have had a hard time fully implementing your strategies successfully. I have had some really good days but gave back all my winnings unfortunately.

    On 7:58, I am confused as to why the Big Road and Big Eye Road Patterns are stronger than the Small and Cockroach Patterns. How do you determine the strength of Irregular Row Patterns?

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