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▶With this series, you can intensively learn the actual betting process. There are 3 steps in this process as below.
First, Sort through the Scoreboard to spot the possibilities of the patterns.
Second, Figure out any potential underlying hands according to the possibilities of all patterns you spotted.
Third, Check out if they collide with each other.

▶As a result of this process, if there are the possibilities of the patterns without collision, place a bet.

▶But if the patterns collide with each other, you have 3 options as below.
Option 1, If there is a very strong pattern in comparison to others, bet on it.
Option 2, If the intensities of the patterns are similar, skip bet.
Option 3, If the patterns collide very strongly with each other, bet a small amount on ‘Tie’.

I strongly recommend training as much as possible according to this series.
Your training must be advanced enough to move on to the next stage.

Let’s keep up the great work.



  1. As always, there is much value here. Those who dismiss what you are showing, well that is there loss, which also means they most likely are losing players too. Thanks once again and greatly appreciated!

  2. It just keeps getting better Master.
    You sure have elevated my game.
    The casinos finally opened up here so I am going later
    And I will definitively win.
    No doubt, but I fell I will owe you some gratitude. So after I win, I am going to sent you something as token of my appreciation .
    Keep the good work.
    Fyi, I came up with Player on the last #12 in the Main Road , did I just read it wrong, because you showed the reas was to chopbro banker, butvi saw that as a repeat??
    Well anyway, we were on the same page for the other roads
    I never used to play this late in a shoe, before. I usually leave after up 3 to 5 units, butvthis other road reads have helped me.

    Maybe you can instruct us soon on the Bead plate? I have only I single reliable read that I used for that and it's the 5 in a row(same side) player or banker. So I only bet after 4 consecutive horizontal or diagonal.
    Because vertical alreadybshows in the Main Road, so i play that too.
    The win rate on that pattern is 61.8% for me.

  3. Auto subcribe from me..this video is proving the baccarat game can be predicted and analays like binary option market for trading because I loss my money from the binary option market about $10000 thats realy rise my emotion and I think for the long time for my loss money at binary option trading that same for the risk if i playing baccarat and more make sense for the probability for 50:50..Good Video and explanation about baccarat and I already watched from practice 1 – until practice 12, thats good logic of all about from Small Road,Big Roads and Cochroads👍 keep doing this improvment of this video Master..👍

  4. Hi Master, these training videos are great. Just a question, I do believe in your strategies as you would have bet the hands first before breaking down the thought processes. As seen on the video you have played the perfect hands. However, just wanted to know (in your mind) what is the probability that the hands go the other way? Will it be as high as 20%? Please share your experiences. Thanks.

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