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▶With this series, you can intensively learn the actual betting process. There are 3 steps in this process as below.
First, Sort through the Scoreboard to spot the possibilities of the patterns.
Second, Figure out any potential underlying hands according to the possibilities of all patterns you spotted.
Third, Check out if they collide with each other.

▶As a result of this process, if there are the possibilities of the patterns without collision, place a bet.

▶But if the patterns collide with each other, you have 3 options as below.
Option 1, If there is a very strong pattern in comparison to others, bet on it.
Option 2, If the intensities of the patterns are similar, skip bet.
Option 3, If the patterns collide very strongly with each other, bet a small amount on ‘Tie’.

If you feel monotonous and get boring while watching this video, it’s a healthy sign of progress.

I’m telling you now. You just watched how ‘3-1-3-1 pattern’ on the Big Road strongly occurred in cooperation with the Derived Roads.

Like this, patterns on the Big Road often strongly occur in correlation with Derived Roads.

So it’s possible to predict long patterns on the Big Road. We need to appreciate the Derived Roads in this regard as well.



  1. HI admin, I really like your content. Could you please tell me which Broker Casino do you use. Because I worry about, If I win big amount of money=> the problem of withdraw process will come. Thank alot

  2. I don’t understand which way Big Eye, small road, cockroad board were created ? It seem to be opposite with Big road! Pls help explain for this. Thank

  3. Followed you to a tee! And lost $100 quicker than i have in life. Idk if its this prediction system or the online casino but i just put a hole in the wall!

  4. Master, at 8:31 you decide to bet on player, because you said it was the "stronger pattern", are you saying that because it is the first time its occuring in the shoe where as on the small road, the 4 row irregular pattern has happened 4 times?

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