1. You fell very strong at the end of the video your bet is Nothing what you are practicing
    why , I do not understand you Just play 3 and out Please
    Very confusing and it was not a fun game Sorry for my comment
    It is not fun to follow you in your practice

  2. Watched the entire video and have you asked yourself honestly, when you were on practice play and reached the 10,236.50 mark, why you didn't just bet $100 or even more, as you have in live play? Many years ago when I was beginning to trade the market with a demo account, I was like about 99% of all others, winning…until we went live, then it happened as it always does, the human element enters in and we lose. Practice is soooooo easy. Real money is different!!! I have found as most others that it's the same in gaming as it is trading the market. Until we ALL recognize it, we will not become consistent winners in gaming as well. BTW, it has nothing to do with the speed of practice play on the wizard of odds. It's the money man, and the ego issue if we lose. During the many months of watching you practice play you never have deviated from your rules as you have recently when you play with real $. Do some soul searching so you can play exactly with real money as you do when practicing. The speed will not be there in a live casino anymore than online play. So if you want to learn to make money playing bac, learn patience and play only when you don't feel rushed. Comments meant to help not to be criticle.

  3. I think the main difference between playing on line live games vs WOO is the SPEED, not the outcomes, especially the way you play on WOO (at the speed of light !!). And yes, patience is an important virtue when playing Bac, especially when you are down. VERY difficult to remain patient. If you think playing the on line live games is slow then you should see what it's like in the brick & mortar casino where I play. They have 9 seats at the table and also offer Dragon Bonus side bets. Therefore it takes a LONG time for the dealer to make all of the payouts. A typical 80 hand shoe will take 2 1/2 hours. The online games you are playing are lightning fast in comparison because their payouts happen in a nano-second. Some buy ins are time consuming as well. Requires the patience of a saint or a monk in the real world casino where I play.

    I very much enjoyed watching you play this game. You had some mini-tilt along the way but your play starting at about the 30 min mark of the vid is very similar to my "freestyle" type of play. I also noticed that when you put larger bets out there you have a definite preference for the Banker side, again just like me. I have no problem putting $75 or even $100 on the Banker but it's rough for me to force myself to put more than $25 on the Player side even when I know I should.

    Glad it all turned out well for you in the end.

  4. As far as I know you have a perfect record as far as always ending your vid sessions ahead. Sometimes just a few red chips and other times $200 or more. I'm sure you pride yourself on that record, as well you should but the thing that concerns me is that in an effort to continue that 100% record you MIGHT wind up losing a big portion of your Bankroll. Pride can be just as big an obstacle for a gambler as impatience. Don't let pride get in your way. You have nothing to prove to us. So far you have won all of your "BIG STACK" bets but I'm sure you know that most likely will not continue forever. I realize this bankroll is just your fun money & I'm glad for that but still I want to watch you succeed long term.

    My suggestion would be this: Some days things just do not go well. On those days I think you should be willing to accept a small loss & live to fight another day. "PRIDE goeth before the Fall."

    When Bac is easy it seems like taking candy from a baby. Grow your bankroll on those days.

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