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  1. has any of your strategies yielded consistent profits every time and up to how much? whats the most you've lost on a given day and how many consecutive days have you lost while implementing your strategy? In Las Vegas casinos are you allowed to sit at a table and simply not bet but every 15-20 or so hands for example? 

  2. Do not try this. Instead look at the sheet this way: of the 20 hands, the Banker won 13 times. So, if you bet on Banker every time using one unit for the twenty hands, you'd have lost 7 units for each Player win but when you won on Banker, you won even money, and that'd be 26 units (13 units*2). Accounting for 5 %commission, reduce 26 by 0.65 (1unit * 0.05 * 13 wins/unit), and that's still 25.35 units. This is better than 4 units with a weird betting progression.

    The other point, what happens when you hit a negative value but then you ran out of money? You can't make another bet to recoup your losses.

  3. I tried this over at commerce casino, me and my partner were up 8 units after one shoe. Had a couple of pushes (ties) (dragon) would of been up 10 units. Like the video states, long runs are deadly, so we stopped after 3 losses, then just stayed on the side with the run, until loss, then we started all over with 1 unit on banker and 1 unit on player. Seems to work for us. Will go again next Monday and see how it goes for us. Walked away with 8 units ($80) in about 1 hour worth of play, not bad. We were never down more then 3 units through the whole shoe.

  4. This method sounds good in theory. Unless you have a large bank roll or you plan to just bet $100 per hand, long term you may see some profit but short term could be deadly bad. How many of baccarat players will keep his cool after 3 consecutive losing bets? This is terrible strategy. The best strategy is to NOT PLAY!

  5. The OBVIOUS!

    why not cancel out/subtract the repetitive Banker/Player bets of each round to avoid the 5% Banker commission? Betting 1unit Player and 1 unit Banker in the SAME round serves zero purpose;d why not wait for the result if that round then begin the progression at 1 unit bet off the previous LOSING hand?

    strategically it's the same, yet it avoids the 5% commission on a repetitive bet!

  6. Many years of learning, finally found a better way of playing. I can win $1200 within 3 hours base on betting $25 per unit. Anyone interested please contact me at adamyon9 @ yahoo com. I will teach you 1 on 1 in person. If you can not win any $, I will give you full refund.

  7. You're basically just chopping after a player or bank. Going 1,2,3,4,5,6,7…etc until you win. Jumping shoe you will do well….long running shoes you're screwed….so your system is just chopping with low bets.

  8. Negative progression is a bad idea. If you start with a base unit of $10, the neg progression in lines 11 through 15 will cost you $150. You are risking $150 to only win $20.

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