1. Just curious. .. are you following some system from that Brunson guy? Might want to check out a few videos from Beat Casino. No affilated. just think they have better info.

  2. Could you or any of your viewers recommend a few online casinos for U.S. players that have $5 or less minimum bets on live Baccarat? I've only played b&m casinos, but none are open where I live. Beginning to wonder if they ever will.

  3. Are you using a different screen recorder or is this a new problem with being timed out all of a sudden? I think you just made the rabbit hole effect potentially worse 😲
    Those "missed opportunities" put you deeper in the hole, and the added commissions from over betting didn't help either.

    That said I tried this out. Of course, I hit a rough patch of "missed opportunities" combined with 4 patterns to take me down the rabbit hole again 🙄 Thankfully, the bad shoe ended and a great shoe started. Major chops with only 4 two patterns and 2 three patterns. Obviously, this system with that shoe was on fire 🔥 So precede with extra caution using the new twist, it can take you down the hole faster, but can also exploit a good one 👍

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