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If you say you play the game for money, you’re an honest player.

But if you say you play the game to only win, you’re a good player with the highest potential.

There is a great deal of difference between those two answers.

If you play the game to only win,
1. you never risk it.
In other words, you never leave anything to chance. So, if you’re unsure, you might be willing to wait patiently, without betting.
2. you never cling to the amount of betting.
From the winning point of view, earning $1 and earning $1,000 is not different. Game is game, does not matter how much you earn.
3. you never cling to the number of betting.
Even If you placed one single correct betting among one entire Shoe, the fact that you won the game is clear and sufficient.
4. you put more energy and time into training yourself than playing a real money game.
It’s because you fully practice, verify, and test your ability to play the game with free Baccarat game Apps or sites always before challenging the real money game.
5. the bankroll and a sense of accomplishment will continue to grow with your ability to manage the game.
You will know that the more you pay attention to only win the game, the more you can attain from it.

On the other hand, one truth is that pursuing only money is highly likely to make you lose your time, energy, and precious things, as well as money.

It’s too hard to make money from the game. But winning the game is not hard.

Just keep watching one Shoe until spotting a crucial moment.

And place a bet with the minimum bet amount only when you’re one hundred percent sure.

If you win that betting, leave the table right away.

You can win the game easily like that.

This is the best beginning to be a good player.

And this is the base camp you should come back to whenever you lose the way.

Next, you’ll see an example of it.



  1. I wonder if u consider teaching aspiring pro baccarat players, like a group where people pay for training, or buy ur extensive modules. Id bd more than happy to be part of it.

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